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A New Zealand restaurant, with an English chef, cooking delicious Italian recipes? Who would have thought?

Opening our doors in Wanaka just days before Christmas in December 2012, we have been a roaring success bringing the love of good Italian food to the southern New Zealand region.

Three years after opening up Wanaka, we were lucky enough to find a site in Christchurch and have since opened up in Dunedin.

With this cookbook, we are telling our story, and sharing our heart and soul with you, our readers, our supporters, our customers.

Beautifully laid out in easy to follow sections, with an easy-to-read metric conversion chart, we’ll take you through the art of cooking Italian. We’ll cover the basics, let you know what you should have in your pantry, let you in on some super secrets to classic Italian staples, and share our beloved recipes used in Francesca’s over the last six years adapted for the home kitchen. As well as the delicious recipes and images, there are tips on using a wood fired oven and beautiful photos taken in Wanaka, at the restaurants, and on James and Francesca’s annual excursion to Italy.

Fracescas Italian Kitchen Cookbook Italian recipes made in New Zealand Wanaka nz
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Audience: General

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Number of Pages: 240

Available: 1st November 2018

Publisher: Penguin Group (NZ)

Country of Publication: NZ

Dimensions (cm): 26.0 x 19.6 x 2.5

Weight (kg): 0.92

Authors: Francesca Voza & James Stapley


The cookbook is available for purchase in the restaurant only, not online.

We are located in Gloucester Street in Christchurch.

Please visit our restaurant to purchase your copy of the Franscesca’s Italian Kitchen Cookbook.

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Enjoy the exciting flavours, aromas and hospitality of Italy, right here in Christchurch.